Jigs & Saws Woodworks offers custom woodworking services for residential and commercial properties. We specialise in custom built-in cabinetry from kitchen cabinet to wardrobes and customised loose furniture pieces. Our keen eye for contemporary yet rustic and minimalistic designs will give your home a fresh look. Our small team of woodworkers are passionate, dedicated and have a streak of perfectionism in them. We specialise in the use of solid wood, from local to western species to ensure your built-ins and furniture are durable.


We take the time to listen and understand your needs and design preferences before offering suggestions and options for you to consider, to fulfil your custom design needs. Whether it is a small or large project, you can be confident that we conduct ourselves with professionalism and that your project is completed and delivered according to your customised requirements and specifications. We don't take shortcuts and we ensure that every piece of furniture is built with precision and quality.

About Our Founder

Melissa Sebastian, Woodworker

My woodworking journey began in 2015. I was part of a team that went on a mission to rebuild houses for flood victims in a very rural and remote village in Kelantan. That experience led me to discover my passion for woodworking. To hone my skills, I apprenticed at a friend's workshop and the rest as they say, is history.

Jigs & Saws started off as a one-man show (just me!) but has now grown into a small team of four passionate woodworkers. Nothing gives us more pleasure than beholding our finished build, knowing we put a smile on our client's face.